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For powder lovers, snow sports in Japan are at the top of their travel destination list. Even the ski resort builders & instructors travel from afar for THIS powder. There are many resorts in Japan and so far we've covered 3 major resorts with more to come. So now the Japan destination decision is made, there are many further decisions to consider on preparing for your snow holiday.

- is this a good location for the family?

-how to get there?

-which mountains to conquer?

-where to stay?

-who to book with & when?

-which ski schools?

-what is the weather & temperature range?

-equipment/gear needed and where to get it/rent it?

-where to dine?

-are there babysitting and child care services available?

-how to get around the area? etc...etc...

We're here to help! Give yourself a some time to explore the site, be inspired,

 gather useful information or reach out with any further questions and make some decisions!

And for the repeat JapanSkiFamily travellers, learn something new on our blog!

We're here to help to make your best possible and timely travel decisions!

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