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The Lowdown

There are 4 main certified English speaking Ski/Board Schools with accredited instructors in Hakuba to choose from. They are located in near the lifts at the base of the various mountains. Happo, Goryu and Hakuba 47 as follows:

Happo: EISS Evergreen International Ski School (Kokusai lift) Evergreen also provide transport to & from accommodation & are also located at Iwatake and Cortina. EISS also provide child care at Happo, Iwatake and Tsugaike for 18 months to 6 years. 

Happo-One Ski Schools Located in 3 locations on Happo-One - Nakiyama, Usagidaira & Sakka. 

Note: Group lessons for this school are in Japanese (privates available in English by request).

Goryu: Hakuba Snowsports School

Hakuba 47: Hakuba 47 Ski Academy  &  Hakuba Ski Concierge.

The schools cater to adults and kids in private or group lessons. Ski workshops are also available. Book lessons early to guarantee availability- demand is high during peak dates and you may also enjoy early bird discounts! If you're not packaging your lessons, check websites for booking forms (often ready from May preceding the upcoming season).

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Hakuba Snowsports Schools: About
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