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Sushi with Soy Sauce

There are a variety of restaurants in the Rusutsu hotels and across the village.

Rusutsu Resort Hotel If you’re staying in resort accommodation, dinner can be included in the accommodation package or you can pay as you go (which is recommended). ​

Sekkatai restaurant serves Japanese favourites with fine, fresh Hokkaido ingredients

German Oktober Fest serves family oriented western and Japanese buffet feasts for breakfast or dinner.

- the kids will love the dancing bears!

Kanten serves Chinese cuisine with seasonal Hokkaido ingredients ideal for a family plate share night

Belle Vue serves French cuisine with the freshest Hokkaido ingredients

Costa Terrazza Italian restaurant serves delicious hearthbaked pizzas

The kids wing includes a large food court downstairs that is open from 10:30am to 7:30pm,

providing lots of well priced options for lunch or dinner.

Obrist - for a drink is a sophisticated spot for a fine cocktail.

Cricket is a little sports bar showing ski and snowboard movies and also has some live music.

Open for lunch and then again from 5pm. 

Daniel Street also has several options including a hamburgers, pizza, an ice-creamery & a bakery

The Westin has some further delicious dining options... 

Kazahana treats diners to authentic japanese serving breakfast and dinner Kaiseki style or Teppanyaki.

Atrium offers all day dining options. Fresh buffet breakfasts are served with Hokkaido farm ingredients.

There’s also à la Carte menus for lunch and dinner that offer Japanese, Chinese and Western favourites.

Lobby Lounge Atrium is open for lunch and dinner and serves some amazing cocktails!

A few minutes walk from the Rusutsu Resort Hotel there’s a small “village”

with dining & bar/izakaya options nearby to Rusutsu Resort Hotel.

Dining choices include modern western and of course, Japanese.

Rodeo Drive opens at 4pm with happy hour and cheap drinks for 2 hours and it’s open til 2am.

For snacks & supplies there’s a 7-Eleven across the road from the Hotel.

Rusutsu Seicomart Supermarket is a few minutes walk from Rusutsu Resort or base of West Mt.

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